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The farm is a spartan and unpretentious place in the woods. Here you will be close to nature. 


We offer simple facilities for washing and shower. We have outdoor compost toilets, and solar-  and gas powered shower.


Houses and cabins with dormitory/common room for accommodation have not included electricity or water. Both parts are available elsewhere at the area.


For accommodation we can offer


  • Tent space for your own tent

  • Bed in communal bedroom or dormitory

  • Single room or cabin

Food and meals

We serve simple but tasty and nutritious vegetarian food, and we strive for the use of organic raw materials. We offer 3 simple meals daily. 

Mobile and data usage

The retreats wish to support a break from social media and updates. Please be respectful if your phone is required. Power for electrical goods is collected in the dining room, except for community activities and meetings there.

What to bring:


- Headlight (in the last part of the summer it gets dark by night)

- Clothes and shoes suited to the conditions. Loose clothes for yoga and meditation

- Pen and notebook if you wish to make notes of your learning 

- Your own toiletries (towel, toothbrush etc)

- Mosquito repellent and tiger balm for mosquito bites may be good to have

Quiet the mind,

and the soul

will speak.

- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati -

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