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In July 2021 Finnskogen Retreat is open for those who want to live at the farm for shorter or longer periods. You have the opportunity to rent a bed in a dorm or in a private room, and participate in the daily retreat program, either for a few days, or up to several weeks.


We follow a dimmed weekly and daily rhythm with morning yoga, meditation, times of silence, communal meals, conversations, daily assignments and farm work, time for our own studies, hiking,  workshops, contemplation and fellowship. The rhythms are inspired by monastic life.

Volunteers from various places and nations participate and contribute with yoga, cooking, construction and maintenance, field work, animal care, support, etc.


The purpose is to be a place where you can deepen your own yoga- or meditation practice, or solve deeper life challenges. The community, the nature, the values and the routines will be the supporting and healing components.


The number of people on the farm will vary from a few to around 20.

The retreat is open to all who want a different vacation, feel like spending some time in a natural, rural and simple environment, follow the given structure, and want to learn more about meditation, mindfulness, yoga and awareness.


Many of us sometimes also experience stress, burnout or internal unrest, depression or anxiety, low self esteem or insecurity, vulnerability, loneliness or emptiness, or we are looking for something meaningful in our lives.

Weekly groups, workshops and teaching are based on wisdom traditions and seek to have a sight behind the major religions.


The retreat houses a variable and unique mix of people who share their experiences and learning and who support each other in their quest for a good life.

Lodging/personal retreat is possible from July 1st to around July 20th, 2021.


In the space between your thoughts, there is your truth.

–Reuben Lowe- 


                           MONDAY TO FRIDAY

07:00               Silent walking in the forest (optional)

08 - 09            Yoga and meditation in the hall

09:00               Breakfast

10 - 11            Solitude, silence, studies, hiking ect. 

11 - 13            Community work

13 - 14            Lunch

14 - 16            Community work. Wednesdays: Workshops and meditation teachings. 

16 - 18            Leisure time

18 - 19            Dinner

20 - 21            Yoga and meditation

22 - 09            Silence


08 - 09            Yoga and meditation in the hall

09:00               Breakfast

10 - 11            Solitude, silence, studies, hiking ect. 

11 - 13            Community work

13 - 14            Lunch

                        Optional excursions

18 - 19            Dinner


10:00             Breakfast

                      Optional use of meditation- and yoga hall and sauna 

                      Leisure time, optional excursions 

13                  Lunch

18                  Dinner


The program varies during the season, and is based on the guest and volunteers,

and the needs of the community and the participants at any given time.



Individuals, visitors, lodgers, solitude retreaters

All meals included: 

NOK 550 per person per day, or day + 1 night

NOK 450 per person per night (2-3 nights)

NOK 350 per person per night (4–6 nights)

NOK 300 per person per night (more than 7 nights)



Individuals, visitors, lodgers, solitude retreaters

(bringing and preparing their own food and meals):

NOK 450 per person per day, or day + 1 night

NOK 350 per person per night (2-3 nights)

NOK 250 per person per night (4–6 nights)

NOK 200 per person per night (more than 7 nights)


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